Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Happie Hair - Bumpits!

Glamouristas... this is only a filler post.

I know it's not related to make up... but come to think of the fabulous make up you have put on...

Why not put on the extra effort to having fabulous hair?

In stock - Big Happie Hair Bumpits!

Watch this for tips and how to use the Bumpits!
Need more ideas?
Browse through YouTube to see more tutorials!

Available only in Black / Dark Brown

1 Box comes with 5 different sizes of Bumpits!

Add volume to your crown and bangs!

Fool proof instruction included!

Bumpits: Bumpits self gripping leave-in volumizing hair inserts give you instant volume and let you enjoy FEELING CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL, like you just stepped out of a professional salon!!

Perfect VOLUME and Style, Effortlessly in seconds!!

From Flat to Fabulous!!!

*Restockable! Email us!*

Black (Currently not available for restock as of now)
Dark Brown (Restockable!)

(Pos Ekspress)


(Pos Laju)

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