Friday, May 7, 2010

Urban Decay Flavored Body Powder

Yummy yummy!!!!!!

Marshmallow Body Powder up-close...

LOL! The Label says it all!

"Marshmallow is for kissing and licking but it's not a food substitute"



Don't worry, same applies for COCOA!

Urban Decay:

Dust it on and let someone else kiss it away! Sweeten your look or give it a sexy kick by slipping on a seductive sheen. Try them all!.

Flavored Body Powders gives skin a long-lasting radiant glow. Dust on shoulders, face, or decolletage with Urban's signature leopard puff for glistening, soiree glamour. Makes a scrumptious gift for you, your man, or a friend. Powders are sparkly, scented and delicious, just try them and see. Mix and match for new flavors.

Fill Weight: Cocoa - 18g net wt. 0.63 oz, Marshmallow - 18g e 0.63 US oz

Cocoa x 1 (SOLD)
Marshmallow x 1 (SOLD)



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